Our Mission

Lynn Rosen, native New Yorker and former public school educator founded the Lynn’s Kids Corporation over ten years ago seeking to enrich the educational and experiential needs of children in at-risk or impoverished communities here in New York and around the world. From active volunteering in local schools and libraries to program development and coordinating protests, rallies and events, Lynn Rosen and her team work tirelessly to ensure that the next generation is provided with every tool available to encourage an equal, educated and accepting community ready to inherit our world.

At Lynn’s Kids, we believe the most promising way to inspire true dedication to resolving the issues facing our world today is to actively involve the next generation in the problem solving. With our students, we strive to nurture a sense compassion towards others, excitement towards education and an honest curiosity about the world around us, in hopes that minds eager to learn, hearts open to love and with eyes wide open, the children of tomorrow can take the steps forward that we are unable to.