Meet Our Team

Lynn Rosen

Founder and President of Lynn’s Kids Corporation and Saving Souls 

As a New York City library teacher for many years, one of Lynn’s greatest joys was connecting her students with students abroad. Through that passion, a connection was formed to create the Lynn’s Kids Camp in Sierra Leone and was soon joined by a number of other countries including Morocco, India, Gambia and many others. The founding of Lynn’s Kids and Saving Souls were both driven by the desire to see the world change for the better. Through these organizations, Lynn Rosen has heralded a number of projects benefitting the homeless and hungry and constantly working to improve the lives of women and children in need. Her work includes programs like Cultural Bridges, sending care packages over seas to pen pals and the Girl Power program, exploring what it means to grow up a girl in our modern world, among countless books dedicated to causes such as human rights, violence and abuse, environmental advocacy and mental health.

Carson Bone

Outreach Coordinator for Lynn Rosen

A born and raised city girl, Carson Bone has dedicated herself to volunteering with children since she completed her degree at the University of Toronto four years ago. Initially starting out as an avid New York Cares volunteer, Carson and Lynn first crossed paths during a Homework Helpers project in Brooklyn where they quickly recognized kindred spirits and a shared passion to help. Their relationship developed as they tagged teamed a number of projects through New York Care. Carson spent two years southern Colorado and participated in an Americorps program providing math and literacy remediation to K-12 students in a rural valley. Upon her return, she quickly reengaged with Lynn in outreach Lynn Rosen’s work.

Fran Shannon

Business and General Manager for Lynn’s Kids Corporation and Saving Souls